Nature's Front Door



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Expectation of Stars



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Nothing Like a Good Time Piece


The earth turns

planets align

the clock 

of humankind ticks.

We are born into this house

at the exact hour

eternity intended,

crown wheel, collet, third wheel,

pinion, escape wheel.

Parts in a timepiece.


Then one day it occurs.

Our wick blows out.

The wind blows its

lace through

our open window,

not finding our song

stills the curtains

our melody complete.

The planets align

once again

we transcend,

 as forever insists

 just at the tick of time.


Dan A. Cardoza

3625 Orangerie Way,

Carmichael, Calif. 

Telephone: 916-425-7519


Ghost in The Cupboard copy


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